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Lord I need protection 24 hour 7 days a week! Lord please I have enemies left, right and centre they strike at all times of different hours! Nieghbours, friends and family and strangers! all l want is for them to leave me alone with people who love me and don’t want them to turn me against you Lord help please in the name of Jesus also Lord please can you blesss me with a child and a good loyal husband that’s there for me and understanding please lord in the name of Jesus plus lord I want you to punish any one stopping me from settling down and doing so! Lord I thank you so much for taking time to hear this prayer I beg you stop that person that stopping me from praying because I have prayed to properly for while now all because of these people around me lord! I don’t want to sound naive but please lord with the blessing of a child and good husband also bless me with a good house and car please lord otherwise I’m thankful for what you gave me so far! But for now I’m lonely and need s family of my own! I’m seeing life differently now! I’m grown and ready so please lord help me do so amen also lord can I also pray for this too please lord I want people who has robbed me to be dealt with lord! I let the wrong people in my house and they took my stuff while I was out! So lord please I'm been kind can karma come to the people who has burgled me and my family I want karma for them lord I want them to go broke and I want them to get robbed too! In the name of Jesus amen Lord Jesus can you help me find some good friends. Friends that talk good about me and think positively about me. Lord can you make sure once I'm not with them I want them to talk good about and to praise me lord in the name of Jesus please hear my pray and hopefully it make a difference for ever not for day or two but for life please lord amen also I have been praying for good change lord please let my life change for the good. I want to get married and have kids please lord bless me to do so by the end of the year please Jesus amen