flo_col911 - Florencio Collazo 1 week ago

I don’t think people truly understand how long looks like these take and it’s not like other art that you can stop and pick up later. You have to commit to these full on and the details in the face are incredible you inspire me sooooo much Nina and I don’t even know how to fully explain it

scotiasiren - Courtney 1 week ago

This is stunning!! The little pieces coming off of you and the dimensions of the skin 😍😍😍 The most original rendition of the character I’ve seen 💕

bullet_radio - Ren 1 week ago

Are you sure you just don’t have a symbiote? It looks like you just got one. The details are amazing!

brelandleon - Breland Leon 5 days ago

I love this, every more without the wig. Like it’s so cohesive. Like it blows my mind. You attention to detail is sickening. Like venom is a whole woman I live.

ethanccohen - Ethan Cohen 1 week ago

I CANNOT get over how well you rendered the tongue and liquid. So graphic but absolutely believable. A piece of art come to life.

clarketnc - 1 week ago

Okurt Nina Bonina Jackson Jo Bobby Brown slay this lewk