nacci_fibo - Swing Scalper 3 weeks ago

@goldenoptiontrading In three weeks of ma first month of live trading I took ma account frm $2000 to $11700. Ma aim was to hv 10000 and every cent I'll make over 10000 will be ma profit bt as i quickly made 10000 I said I'll do ma first withdrawal whn I reach 20000 bt tht didn't happen as ma account went down to -600 ๐Ÿ˜‚

abeerhussle - 4 days ago

Iโ€™m gonna have to disagree. A speed bump right when you start de-motivates you. Winning early gives you access to more capital, which = more room for losses as a learning experience. Making money early basically gives you more room to fail later and you wonโ€™t really be โ€œlosingโ€ and therefore will stick around and study harder.