dsricey - D•S•R 4 weeks ago

Problem with watermelons and grapes here in the United States is that they are sterile. Very difficult to find them with seeds. Non gmo ugh! 😩

glamlifedolls - 4 weeks ago

I don't get it, yeah you suppose to eat fruits and nothing else at the same time ?!?

board_hoarder - 4 weeks ago

Oops I just ate a bunch of cantaloupe, then a bunch of pizza 😳

venturebirdseye - Jaime 4 weeks ago

Fermentation doesn’t always produce alcohol. It generally takes much longer than your gut allows for to produce alcohol.

drewp4p - Drew Drew 4 weeks ago

Don't laugh at me but are melons not fruits? I noticed you separated them. I am not ashamed of not knowing. That's why I ask.